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Narrative text yaitu jenis teks yang berupa cerita khayalan, rekayasa kisah nyata, atau dongeng. Tujuan dari narrative text adalah untuk menghibur pembacanya dengan kisah yang disajikan. Hampir mirip dengan Recount Text atau News Item Text, tujuannya juga menceritakan kisah lampau untuk hiburan. Narrative text dapat berbentuk imajiner atau faktual.

1.      Orientation
Orientation atau biasa disebut dengan pendahuluan, berisi tentang siapa, kapan, di mana suatu cerita ditetapkan.
2.      Complication
Complication menceritakan awal masalah yang menyebabkan puncak masalah atau yang biasa disebut dengan klimaks. Bagian ini biasanya melibatkan karakter utama dari cerita tersebut.
3.      Resolution
Bagian ini adalah akhir dari cerita atau berupa solusi dari masalah yang terjadi. Masalah dapat diselesaikan dapat menjadi lebih baik atau malah lebih buruk yang nantinya akan membuat cerita berakhir dengan bahagia atau sebaliknya.
Terkadang, ada beberapa resolusi yang berupa masalah lain untuk dipecahkan. Hal ini sengaja dibuat oleh penulis untuk menambah dan mempertahankan minat dan ketegangan bagi pembacanya. Biasanya, jenis resolusi ini terdapat pada genre mysteries dan horror.
4.      Re-orientation
Bagian adalah penutup dari suatu cerita yang bersifat opsional. Re-orientation bisa berisi tentang pelajaran moral, saran atau pengajaran dari penulis.


Fairy tale
Science fiction
Myth and legend
Slice of life
Personal experience

The example of Narrative Text


In 1660, there was born a baby boy named, Untung Suropati. He
was a handsome boy. His mother was a heroin from Java and his father was a
hero from Bali.
When he was 10 years old, he complaint about his name.
Untung            : “Mom, I want to ask you something, why did you give me a name Untung? And where a such weird name is from?”
Mom                : “Why do you ask about that?”
Untung            : “That’s a stange name mom!”
Mom                : “Who said so my dear? You know, when you were a child, you gave luck for everyone. I remembered, when Princess Bali never smiled, after she looked at you, she smiled. And they gave us many treasure. So, I and your father try to look a good name for you. We looked up English Indonesian dictionary. Lucky in Indonesia is Untung, so, I think Untung is a unique name for you.”
Untung            : “So, what for I’m being lucky for everyone however I’m not famous? Please.. mom.. I wanna change my name mom... I want name like Justin Beiber, David Beckham, or Tukul Arwana is better...”

And than, Untung’s father directly said

Dad                 : “What?? Change your name? NEVER! Let’s exercise fighting there..”

Untung’s father always taught him to exercise fighting in order to be
a brave man later. But, he didn’t like to fight. He prefered cleaning, treating body,
and cooking.
When he was 17 years old, there was something different on him, when he looked more feminine. One day, as usual he helps his mother in the kitchen..

Mom                : “Hey, this is my job, if your father knows you’re here, he will be angry and he wants to kill you. Go exercise fighting now!”
Untung            : “No. I don’t like to exercise fighting. That makes my body sick and my skin turnes black. I don’t like it. I prefere cooking mom,”

While helps his mother in the kitchen, Untung heard Ronggeng announcemenet.

Ronggeng        : “Ladies and Gentleman, there is a cooking contest in Hilton Hotel. For you who are interested, please, register yourself as soon as possible.”

And without knowing his father and his mother, Untung joined that competition, while his father was going on a war in Java. And in fact, Untung become the first winner with his food, named, “SEMUR JENGKOL”

Untung            : “Mom, I’ve been the first winner, thanks for your pray..”

Suddenly, he shocked seeing his mom was crying.

Untung            : “Whats going on?”
Mom                : “Huhuhu..... your father’s died.. he lost in the war...”
Untung            : “How could it be mom? As I know father is a great warrior. How come?”

After it happened Untung want to revange it...

Untung            : “I want to revange my father’s death.. but, what should I do? I do nothing.. Can’t fight, I can’t use gun, I’m not really like a man.. Dad, I hope you forgive me, I never heard you to exercise fighting..”. 

While walking, he saw an announcement sticked on the tree.

Untung            : “*BE A MAN*? What is it? The contest to be a real man? Whaaa..I should join it.. yeah..”

Untung went to the commettee of BE A MAN near Agung Mountain. And the couch of them is Chris Jhon. He practices Fighting, he practices Swimming, he practices running until 10 km regularly, and he practices to use the gun.

After two weeks in the training of BE A MAN he changed into a real man. And, he informed the Bali troops to help him to attack the Dutch troops.

The Balinesee troops went there. The Balinesee troops attacked the Dutch troops. And when all the Dutch troops died, Untung discovered Herman William Deandles as the leader of the Dutch troops was in his room.

Untung            : “You can’t escape from me, now”
Deandles        : “Who are you?”
Untung           : “I’m Untung Suropati. The son of Naraya Suropati whom you killed. Now I want to pick you up to the hell.”
Deandles        : “Hey... Somebedy outside! Anybody can stopped him?! Superman! Batman! Where are you?! Help me..!”
Untung           : “1...2...”
Dendles          : “Wait, wait, let me say something for the last. Plese give this letter to Luna Maya, and tell her I love her very much.”
Untung           : “Alright...” (DOOR!!!)

Finally Untung could save his regency from the Dutch troops. It proves that he loved his regency as he loved his mother and his father. And he wanted to save his regency from the Dutch troops ever after.

Well, ladies and gentleman,
Untung Suropati has made great changes on his personality and beloved regency . His struggle inspired many young Indonesian heroes to fight against the Dutch troops from our country.



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